Give through Thrivent Financial

Thrivent Financial is a financial planning and wealth management organization with flexible giving options for its members. Agape San Diego has benefitted in big ways from the generous donations of Thrivent members.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

If you are a Thrivent Member with any policy or account (or join for only $25), you can direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Agape. When selecting an organization please select Lutheran Campus Center in San Diego, CA. For more information on how to direct your Choice Dollars, check out Thrivent's generosity programs, or contact Agape staff, and we'd be happy to help.

Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent Members can also sponsor an Action Team once a year, which means Thrivent will send us materials and $250 to cover the costs of one of our activities. This is a great way to help us stretch our limited budget and do more ministry at no additional cost! Contact us for help with this process or check out this link for more information.

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