We are an inclusive outreach for all on the campus of SDSU and with young adults in the wider San Diego area. In the spirit of Agape (the New Testament word for "self-transcending love") we embody Jesus' vision of a "Beloved Community." We support friendship in an open community of trust, offering hospitality, worship, spiritual growth, support for vocational discernment, leadership development, community service, recreation, small groups, retreats, and cross-cultural immersion experiences.

Our identity is built on four core values:




We welcome students from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We find that our community and ministry are strengthened by the rich diversity of perspectives, identities, cultures, abilities, and values. Your participation changes and enhances this community! We have events at various times throughout the semester. Please feel free to drop by to find out more. Also, add Agape House as a friend on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for up to date news.

Rooted in our core values, Agape commits to being a community that supports and welcomes those interested in uplifting each other. We believe that our diversity makes us a stronger and healthier community and therefore celebrate and welcome people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, or relationship status, and including people of all physical abilities, neurodivergence, race, culture, or creed, and those with different beliefs. Our welcome overcomes documentation status, addiction, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socio-economic circumstances, or anything that too often divides us. Our commitment to welcome and care extends to the Earth. We commit to creating a sustainable community that actively works to the healing and flourishing of our planet. Come as you are. Know that you are valued as a complete and integral part of our community.

growth in



Imagine living in a community that embodies your values, shares meals, work, and rest, strengthens and challenges your world view through dedicated mentorship, and offers formative activities that engage you in a life of service and social transformation today. Daily life in this kind of community is life-changing, and it doesn’t stop there: Our graduates take this experience to create equitable, just, and sustainable community wherever they go!

Students at Agape have community support in spiritual practice and personal growth, and our building itself is designed, intentionally, for this purpose. We combine personal and communal space to facilitate growth in relationship through the rhythms of daily life, while also creating opportunities to connect with the wider community through our coffee house, which will open out to the hub of San Diego State University, across the lawn from the Transit Center Plaza and the Student Union.


With trained staff and peer support, we encourage our students to create smaller affinity groups within our community for the purpose of mutual growth, belonging, and community organizing. 

justice &


Since its beginning years of ministry, the Agape Community has resisted systemic injustice by offering a food pantry and shared meals for our students.  Many of us take Higher Education for granted, but depending on your perspective, it can seem like an opportunity, or more like a crisis. Prior to the pandemic, students were already facing housing and food insecurity. Today, these challenges have not only increased but been compounded by the economic and societal impacts of the pandemic and a city-wide housing shortage. Imagine facing these economic times from behind the spectre of looming student loan debt. As affordable housing has become increasingly difficult to find, our core commitment to mercy and justice meant we had to do something big.

Even for a shared room, students still pay over $1800/month to live on campus at SDSU. Off-campus housing costs on average are still well over $1000/monthly requires a commute and additional meal plan.

Our community is also committed to moving the work of justice forward. Students at Agape receive training and practice in leadership and organizing systemic change in the areas that matter most to them.

rooted in


Our roots at Agape are deep in spiritual practice, as a community where all are welcome to walk the path of spirituality and self-awareness side-by-side. Diversity of backgrounds, personalities, and even beliefs are the soil for these roots of faith to grow, and in our community, we celebrate and integrate all of our differences as a spiritual practice. Friendships like this, that are built on a shared experience of spiritual practice, strengthen our ability to trust, and they teach us the value of commitment--even through conflict.